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International Medical Tourism

Orthofit is in affiliation with independent medical organizations all over the world provides a service of medical facilities and specialists from different countries.

Because of this service, patients are allowed to travel to places with hospitals capable of handling Diagnosis plays at being physical and being neurological as well. In most cases, a consultant adds the necessity of an X-ray examination to help in a complete assertion of musculoskeletal health issues.

Orthopedic medical tourism is a guarantee to all musculoskeletal problems resulting from accidents, diseases, and deficiencies alike. Surgeries and alignment treatment are handled by international representatives of the orthopedic branch of medical science.

We partner with prosthetic/orthotic centres in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, which allows our patients the option of travelling abroad for further treatment in case of complexities and for those not residing in Nigeria

We are here for you!

Managing your health care and a long-term stay in a foreign setting can be a daunting experience. For this reason, OrthofitOrthopedics provides personalized services for all international patients through our international patient coordinator program.

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