Orthopedic devices and gadgets share the same threat as any appliance would and that is the possibility of wear and tear which ultimately leads to a decline in its performance and a total breakdown.
Without repairs and maintenance, orthopedic appliances tend to experience faults that are detrimental to the recovery process of patients with musculoskeletal afflictions.
Our leading engineers in hardware maintenance specialize in:
Repairs: In the event of a total breakdown of the orthopedic device, repairs are run to return the machine to a more functional state, one beneficial to the recovery of the patients.

Servicing and maintenance: It is important to maintain the longevity of your orthopedic machine through servicing. This identifies, diagnoses, and corrects the possibility or inkling of error in the performance of the machine.

Orthofit prides itself in the care of both patients and appliances sold to patients for their musculoskeletal recovery and rejuvenation.

Because instances of muscular and skeletal ailments are a leading factor responsible for the breakdown of persons involved in accidents and events of natural disasters, we consider it imperative to provide standardized service of bones and muscle care to anyone affected.