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Polyethylene tape

Polyethylene tape is a type of tape which has a polyethylene backing with a rubber adhesive. This is used for many general purpose applications, including sealing, color coding, protecting, moisture proofing.

3R20 Knee joint Polycentric

Commonly used with the attachment  with an artificial Leg, the upper and lower joint prosthetics are connected the device

Double Adapter

This orthotics with double adapters is used to connect two pyramid adapters, The double lock structure provides firm fixing and the double seal structure

Pigment Paste

The pigment paste is used in various interior and exterior Prosthetic coating, the pigment is dispersed in water under the action of surfactant, Once mixing is complete, add hardener.

Shoe Maker Knife

This classic prosthetic shoemaker’s knife is a flat, paring knife made from Sheffield steel. The knife is part of a large accession documenting the numerous tools necessary to make shoes by hand before the mechanization of the industry. The shoemaker used a variety of knives to cut the raw leather by hand and mold it into the necessary shapes

Plaster Cast Scissors

These prosthetics scissors are suitable for cutting mesh dressings and windsels like comed and Orficast. The orthotics scissors are made of stainless steel and have a blunt end so you can cut close to the skin. The Prosthetic cast scissors are used extensively by health care professionals in plaster rooms and clinics and are ideal for cutting lightweight casts and plaster bandage. Both scissor blades have been completed to avoid injury. The scissors have two smooth scissor blades.

Tube Adapters

Tube Adapter facilitates the correct static alignment of lower limb prostheses during the trial fitting. Tube fittings connect runs of tubing (for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations) to other components. Reproducible adjustments make it possible to optimize gait during the trial walking. The length adjustable tube adapter is mounted between the prosthetic foot and the knee joint. Tube lengths are adapted for use between the prosthetic foot and the knee joint. The total length of the tube adapter can be adjusted with a tube clamp. The outer and inner rotation of the foot is also adjustable.

Plaster Spatula

The plaster spatula High quality stainless steel spatula for applying plaster finishes. Reaches every corner easily especially between curves, The plastering spatulas are tough enough to be used for cleaning scaffold and small flat areas of plaster, they are lightweight which means ease of use, effective application of drywall and smoothing compounds with ease. It makes easy work of straight-edged and tapered plasterboard, leaving a clean finish

Coloring Pencils

Colored pencils are made in a wide range of price, quality and usability, from student-grade to professional-grade. Concentration of pigments in the core, lightfastness of the pigments, durability of the colored pencil, and softness of the core are some determinants of a brand’s quality and, consequently, its market price.

Perlon Stockinette

The prosthetic stockinettes are Generally used for prosthesis lamination, as a first and last layer of a lamination layup, This High quality perlon stockinette used for fibre separation in laminations, Produces an excellent smooth finish, Perlon stockinette takes resin well and gives a smooth, even finish, especially for coloured/ pigmented sockets. Perlon is not considered structural, so should always be used in conjunction with other materials.

Surform Blade

A surform tool consists of a steel strip with holes punched out and the rim of each hole sharpened to form a cutting edge. It is a versatile tool that can complete the type of work done with conventional files, rasps, planes, draw knives and spoke shaves, due to its unique cutting blade.

Above Knee Prosthesis

An above knee prosthesis or trans-femoral prosthesis is a custom made artificial limb for a person who has had an amputation. The prosthesis consists of a custom made socket, liner, knee, pylon, and foot.

The Trias Foot

Trias is an extraordinary solution for a prosthetic foot, When it comes to the development of high-quality prosthesis components, there is no better advisor than Orthofit Orthopedics. This is why the design a combination of creative design and innovative lightweight construction technology. Interconnected dual spring elements provide relief with dampening at heel strike and enable a physiological rollover with excellent energy return.

Pedline Beige

A specialized manufacturer of Redline Beige, Granite Tiles, Marble Tiles wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed, It has come to be used to describe a variety of light tints chosen for their neutral or pale warm appearance.

AK Foam cover

This Upper Limb Prosthetics is a Long hole, flexible skin color foam, preshaped for modular transfemural prostheses, with left and right varieties, the covers are prefabricated with a conical recess in the socket area for receiving the prosthetic socket.

3R40 Knee Joint Light weight

This low activity model is created with a titanium pyramid already attached. Since no bolt is needed, this model weighs less than traditional SACH feet with a separate pyramid attachment. Available in a unisex, lifelike, water-resistant cosmesis, the SACH Foot with Titanium Pyramid offers a lightweight composite heel, flexible toe belting with three toe resistances

Prosthetic Tube Clamp Adapter

The Tube Clamp Adapters are used as components for modular lower limb prostheses.  The adapter combinations allow for controlled angle and length adaption in the sagittal and frontal plane as well as adjustmnet of inward and outward rotation.

Modular Knee Joint

The Modular Knee Joint used with artificial legs has its unique arthritic knee to relieve pain, restore stability, and permit a functional range of motions, principally it is now also approved for prosthesis wearers with a body weight of up to 150 kg (330 lbs). With the 3R80, both the stance and the swing phase are controlled by the hydraulics

Carbon Foot

This is Prosthetic foot was originally made for the aim of improving prostheses to try to increase performance by reducing the functional disadvantage of the prosthetic foot compared to the human foot

Sach Foot

Our Sach foot is in technopolymer and resists moisture better than the classic way this low activity model is created with a titanium pyramid already attached. Since no bolt is needed, this model weighs less than traditional SACH feet with a separate pyramid attachment. Available in a unisex, lifelike, water-resistant cosmesis, the SACH Foot with Titanium Pyramid offers a lightweight composite heel, flexible toe belting with three toe resistancesand ensures stability.

Plastic for braces

Orthopedic braces are medical devices designed to address musculoskeletal issues; they are used to properly align, correct the position, support, stabilize, and protect certain parts of the body (particularly the muscles, joints, and bones) as they heal from injury or trauma. These medical devices are often prescribed for the patient to wear during the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

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