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Tube Adapter facilitates the correct static alignment of lower limb prostheses during the trial fitting. Tube fittings connect runs of

The plaster spatula High quality stainless steel spatula for applying plaster finishes. Reaches every corner easily especially between curves, The

Colored pencils are made in a wide range of price, quality and usability, from student-grade to professional-grade. Concentration of pigments

Commonly used with the attachment  with an artificial Leg, the upper and lower joint prosthetics are connected the device

Trias is an extraordinary solution for a prosthetic foot, When it comes to the development of high-quality prosthesis components, there

Our Sach foot is in technopolymer and resists moisture better than the classic way this low activity model is created

This is Prosthetic foot was originally made for the aim of improving prostheses to try to increase performance by reducing

This Upper Limb Prosthetics is a Long hole, flexible skin color foam, preshaped for modular transfemural prostheses, with left and

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