Frequently Asked Questions

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For your convenience, we have curated answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Call 0908 009 5782 for a pre-surgical consultation at no charge. Also read one of our amputation manuals. It contains a wealth of information about prosthetics and amputation.

You will be working with our prosthetist more closely than any other healthcare provider therefore you should ask questions before committing to a prosthetist.

  • How many patients with your level of amputation has this prosthetist worked with?
  • Ask about their success rate.
    Is the prosthetist you’re considering licensed and certified?
  • Do you like the prosthetist?

The best way to find out about the cost is for you to consult with our prosthetist and let them motivate and quote your insurance company to see how much they are willing to contribute. They will talk to you about your insurance coverage and copays. If you don’t have insurance, they will help you find a payment plan, that will suit everyone.

No. If we are contracted with your medical aid, we can only bill the contracted rate. If we are not contracted, we make every effort to keep costs at a minimum and to negotiate rates with your medical aid.
With all our accustomed prosthetic patients (Patients that has been wearing a prosthesis for longer than a year) We work on a clinic basis, with your first consultation on a Monday Morning and the last one on a Friday afternoon. An in depth itinerary will be provided pre consultation. In this process you will be filled in stage by stage as the process un ravels.

Yes, we have specialists in the field of prosthetics, and as a gift to you, one free session will take place at the end of the clinic.

If there are any questions you might have that was not covered in our FAQ section, we would gladly answer them at our consultation or kindly call 0908 009 5782.