Looking for where to get affordable and durable Artificial Limbs in Nigeria? This piece of information is for you.

Artificial limbs or prosthetics are mechanical devices that allow amputees to regain function resulting from the loss or absence of a limb. They are intended to restore a degree of normal function to amputees. Prosthetic limbs are classified according to the level of amputation: above the knee, below the knee, above the elbow, and below the elbow. Preference in terms of prosthetic use and selection is often based on considerations for functionality, aesthetic, and/or health concerns.

artificial limbs in NigeriaFor leg amputees especially, prosthetics can be essential for mobility and the prevention of muscle atrophy, trunk instability and spinal curvature, depending on the level of amputation. For some arm amputees, aesthetics may be a deciding factor, due to the increased visibility and social usage of the hands. Regardless of the motivation for using a prosthetic, they are an important part of the lives of many amputees. Developments in technology have resulted in a wide range of prosthetic options to address the diverse needs of amputees. Amputees with artificial limbs can often climb stairs, swim, and run as well as though they were using natural limbs, while artificial arms and hands have advanced to the point where they give individual control of all five fingers.

Nearly 30 million amputees live in developing countries like Nigeria where, the average income level would make obtaining an artificial limb quite unaffordable. Because of the complexity and variety of materials, as well as the labor that goes into making prosthetics, they can be quite expensive. Learning to use a prosthetic also takes a considerable amount of time and training, which can also lead to barriers to access.

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